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How to craft the Hellfire Ring

First off, there is one really important thing you need to know about the Infernal Machine and the portals it opens. When you activate the Machine it opens a portal to one of three realms at random and then the Infernal Machine is consumed. You can then activate another Infernal Machine, and it won’t open a portal to the realm already activated, but you will get a portal to one of the other realms. Do this for the last realm as well and you have all three realms activated. Of course you need 3 machines for this, but if you run it with a decent group, you should have no problem doing this.

In order to craft the Ring, you need three parts:

Devil’s Fang
Vengeful Eye
Writhing Spine
The parts drop from the three different sets of uberbosses:

Skeleton King and Magda the Witch – Writhing Spine
Zoltun Kulle and Siegebreaker – Vengeful Eye
Ghom and Rakanoth – Devil’s Fang
The bosses drop the parts for the Hellfire Ring, the same way the Keywardens drop parts for the key: you need a full 5 stack of NV and then the drop rate is determined by the monster power level with 10% per MP level. So if you run at MP10, you are guaranteed a drop, while at MP5 you have a 50% chance.

And the recipe itself, which you can buy from Squirt the Peddler in Act 2 in the last quest in Act 2.

Squirt the Peddler in Act 2 lets you buy the plans for the Hellfire Ring for the measly sum of 2 million gold.

Once you have the plan, you can teach your level 10 jeweler the recipe and he can now make all 4 versions of the ring for 50,000 gold plus the three components per ring.

Covetous Shen lets you craft all 4 versions of the Hellfire Ring….for a price. How generous of him!

The different are the same, except they vary on the main stat. In the case of the strength Hellfire Ring it looks like this before crafting:

The Hellfire Ring may be a bitch to gather the materials for, but it is worth it…provided it rolls good when you craft it!

And once you hit the craft button, something like this could come out:

Some times the Hellfire Ring doesn’t roll mindblowingly good stats, but it is still a very, very good ring. You would really want some crit on this badboy!

This is why you want the Hellfire Ring!

As you can see, the stats can roll very different from each other. You can get a bum one, with cold resistance and no crit…but the best stats of this ring are luckily always on it.

First off there is a +35% to EXP. If you can comfortably gather the materials for this one, the only thing left in the game for you is Paragon level 100. Leveling Paragon fast to level 100 is something you really want, since it can be mindnumbingly boring! Replacing Your Leoric’s Signet with this one will give you some much needed DPS or you can add it to the other ring slot and get +70% to EXP.

Blizzard have now nerfed the proc damage from the ring and reduced the damage 90%. Don’t get the ring for the proc. Get the ring because you think it is fun running ubers, you feel you might get lucky on the 4 random stats and you want an experience ring for leveling paragon fast.


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